Public Information Meetings

For those who are considering sponsoring a Syrian refugee with Lifeline Syria these videos cover general background information and a synopsis of the process.  The first video is general sponsorship information, and the second is about case sponsorship information – for people who have a specific family that they want to sponsor.

We also provide the answers to questions that came up during the information sessions.  Click here for Frequently Asked Questions.

General Sponsorship Information

This video shows the sponsorship information meeting held in Oakville on Ontario Sept 23, 2015.  Below it you will find the powerpoint presentation referenced in the video as well as two takeaway information sheets, that you can download for reference. Also, check the sponsorship cost table here.

Case Sponsorship Information

The video below was recorded at the Case Information Meeting on Monday, September 28th and contains information for those who have a specific family that they want to sponsor.

Here are the slides Alexandra used in her presentation

Here is Alexandra’s slide show